Goddess Lana

You see Arianna… she is there in the bathroom. She is getting ready to go to her girlfriends house to watch netflix. Well thats what she told you anyway. Just think in just a couple hours she will be getting her pretty faced slapped with big fat juicy black dick. Them black boys really love Arianna. You wouldnt know this but she can deepthroat anything. Its like she can unlock her jaw or something. Her lips get really big and puffy around them. We will get back to that in a moment. For now she is getting ready

She is there in the bathroom with her super tight yoga pants on that you bought her. Arianna Looks so hot putting on her make up. You are wondering why would she work so hard looking so hott when all she is doing is going to her girlfriends house to watch netflix. Typically girls toss their hair up and sometimes dont even shower when they just go over to their girlfriends and relax. Well Arianna is spending a lot time putting make up on and putting really nice smelling lotion on. You want to ask her. Like Hey Arianna why do you need to look that hott when you are just visiting your old friend.

You dont say anything. You never do. She does this twice a week. You walk in to try to touch her ass and she slaps your hand away. It sounded like she said thats not for you anymore. You were like… what did you say. Then she says oh I mean I cant be late. You leave the bathroom and go to the bedroom feeling frustrated.

You hear your door shut and you hear her say shh he is in the bedroom he thinks I left hurry hurry downstairs. You hear foot steps so you walk out of the bedroom to go take a look. You see her there shutting the basement door. You say whats going on. She says very meanly nothing Im in a hurry so leave me alone. You say well why are you home. She says get back in bed were you belong then Ill leave. This confuses you so you pretend to go back to bed and you see her go to the basement door.

Arianna is in the basement and you here lots of shhs and it sounded like you just heard Arianna say it makes me very horny and wet knowing he is right upstairs and you hear a bunch of guys laughing then a shhh. You are wondering what your Arianna is doing

So you go outside and peak through the window she is on her knees with 3 black guys you know. You see them outside all the time checking out Arianna as she struts around in her Yoga pants. She introduced them to you and said they were nobody important. Well Rakeem has his really big cock by Arianna face and she gently puts her hand around it and put her lips around it. You never realized how big and puffy her lips are. Then you see his cock go down her throat. You can see Ariannas throat and the cockhead is going up and down inside it. Then you see Malik and Terrance and they are pointing at her sucking Rakeem and they are laughing at you. They know you would never stop them. They pull their pants down and show you their cocks. They are so huge. Then they walk over and Start slapping Arianna in the face with their cocks. Her face is getting so red. You almost feel like helping her but then you see her take one of the cocks in her hand and kiss the head then she looks up at Terrance and he spits in her mouth. She grabs his cock and shoves it in her wet moist mouth.

You are in total shock. Then she slips her yoga pants off and you see the panties you bought her. She rubs her backend up against Malik and he slips his big huge cock deep inside her. Then Terrance puts his very huge mega cock into her ass and then she lets Rakeem put his cock back in her mouth. She is getting it in all holes.

You feel so pissed but so horny too. You duck behind the bushes so you can watch them and jerk off so nobody can see you. You dont even want them seeing your cock. Then when you thought nothing could get worse. Arianna looks up at you. At first she is looked sorta scared and seemed she was going to stop everything but she sees you jerking off. She winks at you and lets Rakeems cock back in her mouth. She shuts her eyes and backs into the other 2. There cocks are slidding in and out as she blows Rakeem.

Suddenly he pulls out and jerks off all over her face she grabs the Yoga pants and wipes it off her face. Then Malik and Terrance cocks pop out and she kisses them wanking one and sucking the other. Those cocks were just in her pussy and ass and she is sucking them off.

All you can do is watch and wank. Your Arianna is such a dirty kinky girl. They both start jerking and the cum goes all over her. There is cum in her hair all over her face. All over the floor. All over her yoga pants. She slips her panties off and she is standing their completely nude she shows you all the cummies all over her clothes and she points to the basement sink. Then she points to the floor and you see all the dirty black boy cum and she points at the mop and bucket. She lets the black guys out the backdoor and as she walks away she looks at you and points at the door.

You cum all over the ground. She looks at you like she is so ashamed of you. You look so pathetic there with your cock in your hand with a little puddle of cum on the ground. You pull your pants up and go into the basement and clean up the mess. You now know Arianna is a whore for black cock and you know for sure now she never ever went to her girlfriends house and now twice a week you know were she will be. Your Arianna will be in the dirty basement with the black alphas with their big cocks and you will be expected to clean up