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What People Say?

Goddess Lana’s voice is hypnotic. She always makes me feel like she is right there with me. She knows I have a tiny penis and never lets me forget it. Her content is so embarrassing, so humiliating… it makes me feel weak and submissive and feminized and exposed. He videos have led me down a path of almost constantly thinking about Big Black Alpha Cocks and Big Full Black Balls… it’s humiliating but true. I’ve recently started to accept that I may need to start begging Goddess Lana to stretch my sissy piggy hole as well.

Having spent the past couple years being groomed to be Goddess Lana’s sexual plaything, her toy, a pet, her sissy pigg, has been the best sexual part of my life. She has brought me to such peaks of pleasure, used the power of suggestion to feminize me, tear me down and expose the raw faggot that i really am. It’s been my extreme joy and good fortune to have found her audio porn and commissioned several custom recordings, my fav Training Vinny to be a Sissy FAGGOT! She has me cumming on a regular basis, always setting me up with another task or assignment to do a naughty, degrading, or feminizing thing. Before i'd met her I really struggled with doing things like putting more than one finger in my butt, or eating cum. Omg i had so wanted to but always chickened out after orgasm. But with Goddess, she kept coaxing me and never gave up, and slowly she got me to start catching the cum in a cup, or in my hand, then to start playing with it after i came, and smell it, then when in the shower rub it on my face, then taste it… and on and on until i was cumming and using the cum to lube my ass to finger myself so i could cum again and eat it, for goddess. Yes, she has really brought me to a new level of sexual release. I’m so looking forward to what she has me do for her amusement and enjoyment the next couple years. I belong to Goddess Lana and i wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you goddess.

I feel so lucky finding Goddess Lana, i feel more then ever the urge to accept my inner sissy. She is a very sweet and understanding Goddess

Lana's the best! She's a true professional. My girlfriend and I had her make us a custom humiliation audio to help us in our private role-playing sessions, and to say, simply, "it was a success" would be a terrible understatement. Her audio was so steaming hot that we ended up listening to it over and over again for hours while playing out the different parts of the audio. It was wonderful! But aside from the content and enjoyment of the audio itself, she had the audio done in no time at all. She also added pictures and some sound effects to make it seem more real. I was hooked form the very beginning. I think she is the best around at what she does. Try her out, you won't be disappointed. And again, Lana, thank you,.

NerdMelvin NerdMelvin