Goddess Lana Feet for your innerpig

Hello Roger

Do you know why you are here

Yes Roger smoking a nasty nasty habit and can cause lots of health problems and she is concerned for your health

Did she give you my coupon card sealed in an envelope

of course pig I mean Roger

oh no no no Id never call a person a pig “giggle”

I will open it once I hypnotize you
Are you ready pig I mean Roger

Oh shh Roger just get ready

I will take my necklace off and swing it before your eyes and count down from 10 to 1 and when I reach one I will put a trigger in your brain that will make you not want to smoke anymore

Yes Roger like magic “giggle”

Now Roger You sit back in your chair and focus on my voice and stare at my necklace

Roger why are you staring at my boobs?

OK pig I mean ROGER just move your eyes with my necklace

Shh just focus on my voice and my necklace only

Yes That’s much better Roger I see your eyes going back and forth and not focused on my boobs

You will now slowly go under a trance and not come out till I snap my fingers

Get ready Roger here we go “giggle”

10 you feel sleepy and tired like a fog is filling up your brain

9 your whole body feels numb like you you are fast asleep and very very

8 you feel your thoughts clear and all you hear is my voice

7 everything is dark like you are in a hole and you are looking up at me

6 so sleepy now and very focused on my voice

5 we are half way there soon you will be totally under my control

4 almost time for the trigger to go in

3 your mind is completely open now. nothing can stop me you don’t have any strength

2 all the doors to every section of your mind is wide wide open

1 you are now 100 percent in the palm of my hand and I can form your mind into what ever I want

Can you hear me Roger

For now on call me Goddess Lana

That’s much better piggie
Now I will open the envelope. There isn’t a coupon it is a letter. I will read it to you

Dear Lana

This is Rogers wife he is a terrible terrible man always flirting and being with other women. He never takes me out or anything I am so sad. Please do like
your ad said and turn him into a pig

Is this all true Roger

You are a very very bad Man but I have good news for you

You don’t have to be like that anymore. I am going to turn you into what you truly are. a Pig! Men are pigs and you are going to be her pig

Being a pig instead of a man is much much better

Now say the word oink

Again but louder that was pathetic

Oink like a pig like a proud pig

OK enough!

Now I will rename you Swisspiggy

So whenever she wants you to do what she pleases she will say your piggie name

It will spark your innerpig up and you will bow down to her feet and do whatever she pleases. Do you understand?

Again your piggie name is Swisspiggy

What happens when I call out your pig name

Yes but first lets try it out on me I will take my shoes and socks off for you then
I am going to stand up and once I do I will call out your piggie name and you get on your hands and knees at my feet and do whatever feels natural to you

Are you ready

I am standing before you now Swisspiggy

What are you supposed to do

and once you are there oink

Oink for me swisspiggy Oink oink

It doesn’t matter what your wife asks you to do you will obey her

You will also call her Goddess when your innerpig is out

The words swisspiggy makes your innerpig flare up and the only thing you want to do is please your wife

Now get my toes out of your drooling mouth and get back into your chair

When I snap my fingers you will wake up and not want to smoke any more and not remember anything we just did

Remember when you here the words swisspiggy your innerpig will come out and your wife will have total control


Well that was easy wasn’t it Roger

I don’t even feel like I want to smoke but why am I drooling and why am I hard down there

Its a side effect from going under my spell I mean when I hypnotize you

No go now and have a great day

Some fun?


Punch yourself in the dick and squeal like a bad pig squeal for me



When I snap my fingers you will wake up and want to leave right away


Wake up Roger

No worries Roger have a great day and tell your wife everything is set up for her

She will know exactly what I mean

Bye Roger